Erino Yumiki x Nadir Special Concert 11th March

In 2023, the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur presents this special collaborative effort where we will invite Japanese guitarist/singer/songwriter Erino Yumiki to Malaysia to perform a live concert in collaboration with Nadir, a Malaysian band composed of musicians from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

Better known to support with her guitar to many known artists in Japan such as KIRINJI, Motohiro Hata, Asako Toki and Kou Shibasaki, YUMIKI’s funky groove and guitar technique won the hearts of these artists and upcoming ones she is collaborating with. Seeing her having fun on stage will also captivate you to do the same. Now continuing to establish her sense of style and identity, this talented singer-songwriter, eventually found herself in Malaysia to pursue her music education and taking a break from her career.

Complementing her fun and bright style, Nadir, a progressive-ethno-fusion band that tastefully blends sounds that represent their different worldly experiences, culture, and the spirit of collaboration into what is uniquely Malaysian music with limitless sonic & cultural boundaries. With Carnatic vocals duel with rock riffs, sitar melodies permeate through explosive percussion and table cadences, and tin whistles sing with saxophone melodies, the outcome is not what you would expect.

Highlighting both Erino Yumiki’s fun and bright style, together with Nadir’s colourful rhythms, the audience can be sure to join and groove along.